VIDEO: Anticipatory guidance can reduce chronic postconcussion syndrome
WASHINGTON – Regardless of the number of tests and tools for helping to diagnose pediatric sports concussions, Dr.... More
VIDEO: Sometimes, comfort care is best for ruptured AAAs
CHICAGO – Four preoperative variables predict whether or not patients will survive ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm... More
Vermont leads the way in marketplace enrollment
Vermont enrolled the highest percentage of potential enrollees for the Health Insurance Marketplace in 2015, while... More
PODCAST: King v. Burwell – the waiting is the hardest part
Three states aren’t waiting for the Supreme Court to decide the King v. Burwell case – they’ve gone ahead and gotten... More
VIDEO: The most pressing health law risks for physicians
CHICAGO – From Stark law to HIPAA violations to whistle-blower claims, physicians face a litany of legal land mines in... More
President Barack Obama
The Supreme Court has just 3 Mondays left to announce its decision on King v. Burwell, yet another suit challenging the... More
Dr. Kenneth J. Mack
VALENCIA, SPAIN – Pediatric migraine often has a markedly adverse effect upon school performance and psychosocial... More
Cheryl A. King, Ph.D.
ATLANTA – The potential utility of the medical emergency department as a key venue in which to conduct youth suicide... More
VIDEO: Can women physicians have it all? Absolutely, says AMWA past president
CHICAGO – Can women physicians succeed professionally while also meeting their personal goals? Absolutely, says Dr.... More
PODCAST: Waiting for the Supremes on King v. Burwell
Soon, the Supreme Court will decide on the King v. Burwell case. The case boils down to five words in the law’s 1,500... More
Broadside Journalism
In my April 2015 editorial “Anger Management,” I noted that “some of the anger that other physicians harbor toward... More
First EDition: News for and about the practice of Emergency Medicine
Three lab tests predict serious bacterial infections in infants; ED revisits twice as frequent as expected; Cefazolin... More
Tech Tools— Innovative Devices for the ED
The author reviews some of the most notable evolutionary and revolutionary devices and technological... More

Clinical News

A single intravenous infusion of cefazolin can cause drug-induced liver injury, and the antibiotic ranked sixth among pharmacologic causes of hepatic injury in an analysis of 1,212 patients. “Cephalosporins appear to be a relatively common cause ... More »

Clinical News

CHICAGO – Age greater than 76 years, plus preoperative creatinine greater than 2 mg/dL, blood pH less than 7.2, and systolic pressure at any point below 70 mm Hg collectively predicted 100% mortality with open or endovascular repair of ruptured abd... More »

Features - First EDition

Richard Lappin, MD, PhD, Associate Editor, First EDition
Three lab tests predict serious bacterial infections in infants; ED revisits twice as frequent as expected; Cefazolin ranks sixth as cause of drug-induced liver injury; Pelvic CT may not be needed to diagnose intra-abdominal injury in children; The ... More »

Features - Case Report

Taneisha Wilson, MD; Jason B. Hack, MD
A case involving a 42-year-old man with a work-related high-pressure injection injury underscores the deceivingly benign appearance of these injuries at initial presentation.... More »

Features - Toxicology Case Reports

William J. Boroughf, DO; Lewis S. Nelson, MD; Fred M. Henretig, MD
A 4-month-old is presented for evaluation after her father claims to have inadvertently reconstituted the infant’s formula with rum.... More »

Features - Emergency Imaging

Sierra Beck, MD; Jehangir Meer, MD; Todd Taylor, MD
The authors demonstrate how point-of-care ultrasound can quickly identify pneumothorax.... More »

Features - Emergency Imaging

Roger J. Bartolotta, MD; Hediyeh Baradaran, MD; Keith D. Hentel, MD
A 41-year-old woman with a surgical history of cervical fusion presented with severe posterior neck pain.... More »

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Vermont enrolled the highest percentage of potential enrollees for the Health Insurance Marketplace in 2015, while Hawaii enrolled the lowest percentage, according to an analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Enrollment in Vermont’s state-bas... More »
The Supreme Court has affirmed that people in states opting to use the federally run health insurance marketplace are in fact eligible to receive subsidies. In a 6-3 decision in favor of the government in King v. Burwell, a majority of justices dism... More »

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In a decision that keeps the Affordable Care Act intact, the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the use of federal subsidies under the health law in states that have not created state-run marketplaces.  With a 6-3 vote in favor of the Obama administ... More »